Psychosocial Stress Resilience Assessment — PSRA

The Psychosocial Stress Resilience Assessment measures your candidates' resiliency to stress.
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General description

The PSRA-1 is an assessment of stress resilience combining standard psychometric tools with physiological recording and cognitive testing in stressful situations. This evaluation measures the extent to which an individual is able to stay composed and remain functioning at their full cognitive capacity during stressful situations.

The equipment used for the PSRA-1 is mobile so a trained specialist will come to assess your candidates directly at your location. Each evaluation takes one hour, during which time the candidate will complete a battery of psychometric tests, be fitted to non-invasive sensors measuring physiological activity (i.e. heart rate, respiration), be exposed to increased levels of cognitive stress while they perform a series of computerized cognitive tasks as part of a standardized procedure. Following the evaluation, a personalized report will be generated for each employee, highlighting their strengths and limitations associated with stress resilience.

Introducing the PSRA-1

We help you identify candidates for high-stress exposure jobs

Police officers, security contractors, paramedics and other individuals working in high stress environments are regularly required to make split second decisions under stressful conditions. For many people, exposure to stress results in slower cognitive processing or scattered thinking, impairment in memory, slower reaction times or impulsivity, decline of critical thinking and an overall decrease in cognitive abilities, increasing the risk of poor decisions in stressful situations. However, some individuals either innately or through their own development, learning and experience do not react negatively to stress due to high resiliency. ABEL Project helps you find those stress resilient individuals through a vigorous evaluation process. The results obtained from our evaluations will help you build your resilient workforce by placing resilient employees in key roles, making them champions who can mentor, guide and role model resilience for others and who can ultimately help to reduce mental health sick time and claims, towards a healthier workforce.

Options and pricing

By default, the PSRA-1 includes psychometric tests measuring a candidate's leadership, emotional comprehension, and adaptive personality traits. Based on your needs, additional psychometric tests can be included in the assessment. The standard measure of stress resilient abilities is a series of computerized cognitive tasks. The assessment can however be customized for specifics of your sector, by including additional tests under stress, such as driving skills or target shooting. Due to the customizability of the PSRA-1, prices will vary depending on the number of candidates, the additional options, and the type of reports requested.

Did you know that stress resiliency can be increased through one's social circle and attitude towards life?

Usage of online assessments









Studies show that the global market for online assessment steadily grows over the years, predominantly to recruit and develop key employees.

Benefits of psychometric tests

The usage of psychometric assessments has gained considerable popularity over the years in the HR process, mostly due to their versatility, efficiency, and affordability. Several companies have also started using psychometric assessments due to their numerous benefits, such as:

  • More reliable and less risky decisions
  • Predictor of performance
  • Fairer decisions
  • Defendable decisions based on empirical data
  • Faster decisions


Commonly asked questions.

Since the PSRA-1 requires an onsite evaluation of your candidates by one of our experts, it is only available for clients in Ontario and Québec. Some exceptions can apply. Contact us for more information.

The PSRA-1 is offered in English and in French.

Yes, it is. By default, all reports for the PSRA-1 include a section to compare a candidate's performance to other candidates from the same group.

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