Organizational skills in the workplace


Organizations must use their time effectively in order to perform optimally. At the very core of time management is the mastery of key organizational skills which allow employees to maximize the allocated time for a task, a project, or a general job.

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned. - Benjamin Franklin

What do we mean by "organizational skills"?

The simplest definition is an individual or organization's use of energy, time and resources in the most effective way to achieve a goal. For success, individuals need to establish and use personal strategies that will allow them to reach their targets in the most productive manner. Organizational skills include clear communication, punctuality, development of systems to keep track of an organization's resources, attention to detail, and development of strategies to facilitate the recall of information.

Why is this important?

If a workplace is organized, everything will be in its designated place, allowing managers and employees to easily find the documents or tools that they require in order to successfully complete a task. The workforce's resources are then dedicated to completing the work itself rather than attempting to obtain the various documents, tools, and information needed to successfully complete the work. Optimization of the workforce resources ensures that tasks are completed more readily and speedily. It also allows for better time management. By having a reliable schedule for a project, there is less chance that other projects depending on one project will be affected from poor scheduling. Time management will ensure that all available hours are dedicated to completing a component of a task or project, reducing potential downtime. Lastly, the workforce of an organized entity will be significantly less stressed than organizations struggling with time management, assiduity, and workspace organization. There is generally less frustration in the office if the workplace is organized and well-managed through everyone's contribution.

What organizational skills do employers need to look for in their employees?

All employees, regardless of their position, should display certain organizational qualities. Some of these skills include: multitasking, problem solving, efficient management of limited resources, strategic thinking, delegation of responsibilities, setting goals, meeting deadlines and planning on how to meet those deadlines, and paying attention to details. Employees with these skills will allow organizations to remain tidy and organized, increasing their chance of success.

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