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ABEL Project is dedicated to developing and offering state-of-the-art assessments. Our scientifically validated tests can help measure potential for competencies and job performance of future employees and facilitate development for current employees. The tests can provide insight into an employee's behaviours and how they can become strengths or limits, delivering specific and relevant information that can be used for focused and meaningful goal setting.

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Is your organization part of a sector with a high stress environment? Identifying employees who have the potential for high stress tolerance is a difficult task. It requires deeper and more complex examination than a regular psychometric test. At ABEL Project, we have developed an innovative and scientifically validated assessment of stress resilience, cross-validating standardized psychometric tests with physiological measures and cognitive performances, all completed and measured under stress.


Interested to learn more about yourself? In addition to our corporate-oriented testing platform, we also offer an account-free testing environment for individuals. Simply enter your name and e-mail address, complete the online assessment of your choice, and automatically receive your results by e-mail.

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All our servers use SSL data security, are hosted in Canada, and the scores remain encrypted at all times.


We regularly publish validity and reliability studies for our assessments in scientific journals, ensuring a high level of scientific integrity for all our products.


Our interactive web platform will ensure you have a smooth experience in managing your test takers, no matter where you are in the world.

Did you know that managers who use a transformational approach create happier employees by integrating them to the decision process?

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