Create a project, invite candidates, and our platform will do the rest.


Create a project

After registering a client account, you can quickly and easily create a project. Simply choose which assessments you want to include in your project, give it a name, and you are set.


Invite candidates

You can visit a project's page to invite candidates and view previously invited candidates to the project. Enter their name and e-mail address, and your candidates will receive an invitation to complete your project.


Receive reports directly into your account

Once a candidate has completed an assessment, the report will automatically appear in your client account. You can then download the report, and compare the results obtained with the results of other candidates.


Swift Setup

Create any number of projects, with any combination of assessments. You can add and edit candidate details throughout the process.

Track your Candidates

You can keep track of how many candidates you invited to a project, and how many candidates fully completed the project.

Review your Candidates' Results

Consult the PDF reports of all your candidates on the same page. Rank the reports by candidates' name, e-mail, assessment name, or submitted date.

Control your Expenses

Buy tokens to use whenever you need. Tokens are deducted when you open a report for the first time, ensuring that a low balance will never affect your candidates in any way.

Frequently asked questions

First, you start by creating a client account. Once in your account, you can select individual tests, or create a test battery which includes multiple tests. You then send an invitation to your candidates, your employees, your clients, or even yourself. Test takers take their tests online through our web platform, either in office or at home. After completion, feedback reports will immediately be accessible in your administrator's account.

Not at all. Our tests are done online. You can therefore be anywhere in the world and have access to our web platform. We also have coaches in Canada and Europe, covering a wide range of time zones for our coaching services.

All are tests are offered in English, and most of them have an official translation in French. Please contact us if you would like a translated version of our tests.

Yes it is. However, instant feedback reports will not be available if you choose this option, as enough people from your group need to be tested to develop comparative norms before being able to provide any results (a minimum of 100 employees is strongly recommended). Please contact us to learn more about this option.

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