General Aptitude Test — DGAT

The General Aptitude Test measures your candidates' general cognitive aptitude.
Estimated time

20 minutes

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2 tokens


All job levels

General description

Measures of cognitive aptitude provide indications of a candidate's ability to solve problems, assimilate and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically. Cognitive aptitude tests are regarded as one of the most accurate predictors of job success for any position.

The DGAT is used to reflect the cognitive aptitude of a candidate. Research has shown that aptitude tests predict job success twice as efficiently as job interviews, are three times as predictive as experience, and four times as predictive as education level.

The DGAT focuses on four components of cognitive aptitude. The pattern matrices assess abstract reasoning and spatial abilities. The lexicon items assess general vocabulary. The arithmetic items assess numerical abilities, focusing on mathematical operations and thinking. The logic items assess reasoning abilities. Taken together, these components provide a score of general cognitive aptitude.

Types of cognitive aptitudes

Data in brief

The General Aptitude Test has been associated with the following characteristics:
  • Logical thinking
  • Conscientiousness
  • Management
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Self-esteem
  • Openness
  • Productivity
  • Agreeableness
  • Creativity
  • Extraversion
  • Composure
  • Ambition
  • Stress resilience
  • Anxiety resilience

Did you know that aptitude tests have the advantage of decreasing cultural bias and effects, as these tests focus on solving various problems over explaining how to solve the problems?

Usage of online assessments









Studies show that the global market for online assessment steadily grows over the years, predominantly to recruit and develop key employees.

Benefits of psychometric tests

The usage of psychometric assessments has gained considerable popularity over the years in the HR process, mostly due to their versatility, efficiency, and affordability. Several companies have also started using psychometric assessments due to their numerous benefits, such as:

  • More reliable and less risky decisions
  • Predictor of performance
  • Fairer decisions
  • Defendable decisions based on empirical data
  • Faster decisions


Commonly asked questions.

The General Aptitude Test costs 2 tokens per candidate. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

The DGAT was developed to efficiently measure cognitive aptitudes in the general population. In order to ensure that a maximum of 1.5% of the population can obtain a perfect score, the test uses a time limit of 20 minutes, increasing the difficulty of the DGAT, and consequently providing you with reliable results regarding the cognitive aptitudes of your candidates.

All our tests are offered in English, and most of them have an official translation in French. Please contact us if you would like a translated version of our tests.

Yes, it is. However, instant feedback reports will not be available if you choose this option, as enough people from your group need to be tested to develop comparative norms before being able to provide any results (a minimum of 100 employees is strongly recommended). Please contact us to learn more about this option.

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